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You’ve spell-checked, edited and rewritten your book until you’re not sure if you’re crossing your t’s or if you’ve gone cross-eyed. But finally, the day has come when your manuscript is ready to go to print. These four simple steps will take you from having a raw manuscript to holding your beloved book in your hands (and kissing it, crying over it, sending 5 copies to your mom, showing it to your get it).


Step 1 - Get Your Free Instant Price

Our instant quote calculator will help you choose the best options for your book, and provide you with book pricing immediately so you don’t have to jump through hoops to get started. Shipping and applicable taxes will be assessed upon invoicing. 


Step 2 - Upload Your Files

After you’ve tweaked your printing options in the instant quote calculator you’re ready to upload your book’s files. Our uploader will only accept files in PDF, JPG, and PNG formats. Please be sure that your interior is single page, and there are no crop marks or registration marks on either the cover or interior pages. It's also important, after you've converted your document to a PDF, you check to make sure the formatting is still in place. Sometimes things can shift, and it's best to catch that before uploading.
    Once you've submitted your files, our team will give them a once-over to confirm page count and size, and send you an invoice with a link to securely process your payment online.

    Step 2a - Check Your Invoice

    This is a critical step in the process, as your invoice is the contract between you and Steuben Press. What is listed on the invoice that you pay will be exactly what is produced for you. When you pay your invoice, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions. You will want to double-check all items listed before paying, such as:

    • Shipping address

    • Book specifications: paper type, lamination, book size, binding type, etc.


      Step 3 - Review Your Proof

      Once payment is received our team will prepare a digital proof for you to review before going to final production. If you find any errors, you can submit one corrected file, free of charge. Any additional uploads beyond this will incur a $50 fee, so please be sure to make all changes to your document before resubmitting. When everything looks ready to go, submit your approval and we will get your books into final production! 



      Step 4 - Go to Print

      The day has finally come—you’re about to hold your book in your hands for the very first time! Steuben Press operates state-of-the art digital presses, so you can rest assured your book’s images pop off the page with the highest quality color prints. And our binder operators will be on standby to glue, spiral, wire your finished book, before your order is packaged with love and care and sent your way.




      If you ever want to reorder your books, we keep your files on our secure servers for a minimum of 6 months. If you've made changes since your last print, we would treat that as a new project, so you'll want to start at step 1 so you can submit your updated files. The most important post-print tip is to get hard at work at marketing your book so you can start making a return on your project (and ideally rake in fame, awards, adoration, the respect of your get the picture). 


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