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Writing your book was hard work. Printing your book shouldn’t be.

Although we do love antique books, at Steuben Press we use the most cutting-edge digital printing technology for your self-published book.

That means you get to see savings on setup costs and a much quicker turnaround for your books — all with the highest quality of printing you’ll find on the market.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is the process of taking a digital image and transferring it directly to the page.

It’s kind of the same thing that you’re doing on your home desktop printer — which probably doesn’t sound all that magical when you break it down. (We promise it’s way fancier than that.)

But since the dawn of book printing, the only available way to print a page was by an arduous (and more costly) process called offset printing. Many book printers still use this technique.


Why is Digital Book Printing Better?

Digital printing technology has allowed us to print shorter runs of books that in the past would have impractical — if not impossible.

Unlike traditional offset printing, digital book printing offers book printers and self-published authors the following benefits:

  • No expensive plate creation
  • Images are sent directly from your computer to press
  • Multiple colors are printed using toner on the same machine
  • Paper only needs to be passed through the press one time

Translation: Our innovative digital book-printing technology eliminates most of the setup costs of traditional book printing. And those savings are passed right onto you, our beloved self-published author.

A book is only as good as its cover — and the quality of its pages, font readability, image get it.

When you balance quality and price, our digital process will give you a book that you’ll be proud to market the heck out of.

Join us in the revolution, and let’s go to print! 

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