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Your Book Binding Options

Whether you’re looking to immortalize your family’s famous lasagna recipe in a spiral-bound cookbook or just released the latest hardcover in your new fiction series, we offer the highest quality binding options for your self-published book. Here are our 4 most popular bookbinding options:


Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is by far the most popular type of binding offered by Steuben Press.

How it Works

  • Adhesive is applied to the roughened edges of interior pages in your book.
  • The pages are then affixed to the printed cover, forming a flat spine.

Spiral Binding

Spiral binding is an ideal option for books that need to lay flat on a table like a cookbook, textbook or business manual, along with books that are going to used regularly and treated with some tough love.

How it Works

  • Round or oval holes are punched in the edges of the cover and interior pages, and a plastic coil is inserted through the holes.

Wire-O Binding

Wire-o binding is a smart option if page alignment is crucial to your project — like if you have images running across the spine of your book and want them to line up precisely.

How it Works

  • Similar to spiral binding, but uses a closed loop metal wire instead of a plastic coil.
  • Wire-o’s closed loops are inserted through square holes, which allow the pages of your book to line up precisely.

Hardcover Binding

Hardcover binding is our most talked-about binding option. It’s popular with children’s books, coffee table books, photography books and memoirs.

How it Works

  • The hardcover binding method we use is called case binding.
  • We print the cover of your book on an adhesive sheet of paper, then laminate it and adhere it to rigid boards. 
  • This case of rigid boards consists of the front cover, the back cover and the spine of the book.
  • The interior pages of the book are then ‘cased in’ to the rigid cover, affixed to the front and back boards of the book with end sheets.

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